Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.

Unknown (via giant-tree)

Friends are with you through good times and bad times.
But it is always better if both of you are going through the same shit at the same time.
How do you move on when there was never something there to begin with?
Letting you go would be the right thing to do, but nothing changes the fact that it’ll hurt like hell.

Asking Alexandria - Moving On

I’ve heard that
“the hardest thing
you’ll ever have to do
is watch someone you love
love someone else.”

I thought I understood it.
I thought I had felt it.

But I didn’t understand
how hard it actually is
until I was staring at him
under a star illuminated sky
at 4 am
and I could see the pain laced
on his facial features
his hands on his head
as he talked about all the things
wrong with his relationship
and I didn’t understand
how it felt until
I heard the hurt in his voice
as he repeated “this is so unfair”
again and again and again.

Well, life is unfair
isn’t it?
The boy I love
loves another
who treats him
as he once treated me.

They say I’m such a good friend
for what I did
but Jesus Christ,
I didn’t want to just be his friend.

the real definition of pain (via fuckyouveryveryymuch)


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